Science Stuff

Particle Data Group - offers a review of particle physics

Table of Nuclides

Nuclear Wallet Card - has properties of all known nuclides

Nuclear Astrophysics Data - has a useful tool for computing reaction thresholds and Q-values

SOHO - see what the Sun is doing right now!

Collisions LIVE! - see what's cookin' right NOW in Fermilab

Supermongo Help - SM is a plotting program

Fortran 77 - useful reference

LaTeX Help - LaTeX reference

arXive e-print Archive - pour yourself a cup of coffee and start the day with newest astro-ph/ preprints

ADS Paper Search - abstract service

Astronomy Picture of the Day - cool astro pics

Astronomija - mesečni popularni magazin

Cool Non-science Stuff

OLGA - On-Line Guitar Archive

Akordi Net - YU music, guitar chords archive

Novi Sad, The Virtual City - just click on the picture and takea virtual tour around my hometown

Zarija Lukic

B92 - news from Serbia

Saturized Studio - Saturize your Web!

Something Different

Extinguish Thou My Eyes - poetry of R.M Rilke

Carobna Pesma - poetry of Mika Antic (Serbian poet)